Reader response

“This book is a wonderful read, full of humor and wisdom. It’s easy to spoof the “new age” movement, but Sparks goes deeper with a good plot and fascinating flesh and blood characters, some of whom you might recognize from your journey down the spiritual path. “Incensed” offers laughs and insights in equal measure. Seekers, read this book!” — – Wes Nisker, Buddhist teacher and author of ESSENTIAL CRAZY WISDOM.

“Reading INCENSED I laugh out loud, laugh inside and occasionally cringe….savvy insight into what makes us tick, what distracts us, and what the perils and pitfalls are of living and searching and being on a journey, and not knowing when we have found anything, because we are still busy looking for something else. And then of course, just letting go, trusting and opening. I want to keep reading and reading in huge gulps.”
– Vicky N., Tasmania, Australia

“Thank you for your wonderful book. I laughed out loud frequently, including from the very first sentence (in fact, I had to pause reading at that sentence because I was laughing so hard). Your characters were delightful. And, most important of all to me, your teaching was deeply touching.

Two of my favorite writers in what might be called “satirical spiritual humor” are Tom Robbins and Christopher Moore. Your writing ranks right there with them in every way. Thank you so much for this book.”
– Ben A., Eureka, CA

INCENSED would make a great movie. Take a good romantic comedy, add a big dash of Bulworth to show what happens when perceptions, values, and meaning turn upside down and inside out, and stir in a little Little Buddha and you have producer’s shorthand for what this novel feels like and how much good fun is to be had.

In fact, we are all smiling except the heroine, Michaela, who is completely confused about why everything in her life is suddenly different. She starts seeking answers. The author has been there done that in the world of workshops and gurus and can’t wait to introduce her character to it. She knows that, even as confused as Michaela has become, her heroine will keep a sharp lookout for phonies and wackos. She trusts Michaela to follow her own inner guidance, crazy as it may seem at the beginning.

The zany characters and the dialogue are so good that when I read it, I couldn’t help but share it. I ended up reading the last half of it aloud to two friends and they, being read to, were able to do the belly laughing, while I had to keep a straight-enough face to keep on reading. This is a funny book. It is especially funny to those of us who have gone down the rabbit hole of spiritual emergence, which is usually more of a topsy-turvy emergency rippled with cosmic (and all too human) humor, than it is a trip to Nirvana.”
– Kylea Taylor, therapist and author

“INCENSED offers an entertaining look at the search for enlightenment, taking readers on a journey that is alternately profound, sweetly touching, and hilarious. It delivers spiritual lessons and promises acceptance with a wink and a chuckle–it’s better than meditation!”
– Tammy Kaehler, author of DEAD MAN’S SWITCH

“Just finished INCENSED. What a kick. I read many passages out loud to my husband– we had some good laughs. Loved the neurotic Thea, the many trips via the incense, and general character of  Michaela. Also the GUY’S GUIDE was quite funny, also the Ivy scene. A fun fast read with some actual insight mixed in.”
– Kate Silver, ceramic artist, Kate Silver Originals

“I bet you are getting a lot of delighted reviews and I agree with every word. I just wish for INCENSED to get translated in Russia, since there is sooo much more “organized transformation” there, and workshop junkies accordingly. The only problem is – who could translate that? Humor, as you know, is the most case-sensitive area. I couldn’t help but read pieces to others, laughing my butt off. And being a devoted cat lover, I really appreciate the way you describe that tuxedo cat and every move of his – it shows that the author knows quite a bit about cats herself. Not to mention ‘transformational stuff.’ Two thumbs up! Can’t wait for the next book of yours.”
-Tasha T, New Jersey